Christian Ohnimus


Christian Ohnimus is a husband and registered nurse in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Franciscan University.
He hopes to raise a holy family with the help of his better and more beautiful half.


Articles by Christian Ohnimus


Sexual Disorientation and the Problem of Heterosexuality

Legolas is a Sissy

Killing the Dead

When the Dead Look Like the Living
(And the Living Look Dead)

Are the Brain Dead Really Dead?

G.K Chesterton and the Meaning of Capitalism

Potential War with Syria Explained in Under 500 Words

The Sophist’s Folly

Pieper, Language, and the Truth

Pieper, Language, and the Truth II

Pieper, Language, and the Truth III

Heading Upstream to the Spring of Truth

Should Movies do More Than Entertain?

Movie Review: Gravity

The Language of the Body

Death Panels and Playing God in Canada

Defending the Faith From the Faithful

Censorship and Art

The Divinity of Marriage

The Church Militant: Born to Struggle

Has Liberalism “Enlightened” our Sense of Freedom?

The Mercy of Hell

How to Increase the Quality of Life in Africa

Liberalism and Means Without an End

In Defense of Marriage

Liberty Constrained


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