Revolution to the infinity!

July 4th is approaching so I thought that rebellion and revolution would be an appropriate topic. Rebellion is the natural state for a Christian. Rebellion against one’s fallen nature, rebellion against fallen society, and rebellion against the devil. These rebellions often take form in a revolution, and the Christian is either preparing for one or participating in one. All revolutions have preparation, a spark, and an execution.

The primary revolution is that of the heart. If you do not set your own self in order then everything else you attempt will be tainted by your blindness and selfishness. To prepare for this revolution you must pray. Prayer must become the core of your action, for in order to change yourself you need divine assistance. God will also help to make sure that the revolution will be a turning toward Him and not a turning away. Supporting your prayer should be understanding and knowledge of God and His moral law. Reading scripture, the Church Fathers, Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and other holy men and women (like Chesterton ^_^) will help in this discernment of God. Every revolution needs a slogan, and the revolution of the heart should have the slogan ‘Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength’ though other slogans may lend a supporting role.

The spark of this revolution has to come from God it cannot come from yourself, He may use family or a sudden flash of light to knock you off your horse. St. Paul had lived his life in preparation for he loved God’s law and was filled with zeal in fulfilling it, and when Jesus knocked him to the ground, Paul had to undergo a revolution of the heart before he could undertake his mission.


Guy carrying a sword. Tangentially related.

The execution of the revolution can be difficult, but after the spark the path is always clear and always starts with accepting the harsh reality that our lives weren’t ordered to God. This acceptance is harsh because we have to give up things which are dear to us. After all it is a revolution, we remove the old to make room for the new. Paul gave up his zealotry for Pharisaical law in order to make room for a new zealotry for Christ. Peter gave up his livelihood of fishing to make room for the livelihood of fishing for men. Francis gave up his dreams of knighthood and his material possessions to make room for a love for the Church and her poor. The removal and renewal are both clear and, although difficult, rewarding.


Joshua Fahey is a Chestertonian and is preparing for something. He doesn’t know what yet. But ultimately death and judgement, and you know meeting God and all that. He should have been prepared to end this description at some point. Here’s good he supposes.


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