The Path of God (Indy Series part 3)

Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth – The Last Crusade


And the adventurous and desperate archaeologist comes to a chasm. It is too far to jump to the other side, and upon looking down there is nothing but the depths of darkness awaiting. Then Indy closes his eyes and takes a step, a leap of faith, and a bridge catches him. A bridge camouflaged, blending in with the chasm, appearing perfectly invisible from the top down. I have come to such a test a few times in my life where it feels like there is no way forward, and only on the occasion that I love God enough to obey Him have I moved forward.

This is the most difficult of the tests and the most important. The first test was to show us that we understand God deserves our respect. The second test to show us that He can be known. The third test shows us how much we love. The first two tests were eminently reasonable, if you do not respect God or do not know God you approach your self-destruction. But there is no danger here, and paradoxically we are most afraid. God invites us to come and assures us of our safety and we cannot sense this. We come to a choice, an act, we either obey and are saved or stand there paralyzed by a fear of death. Death which we know has been overcome by God and which cannot harm us.

We can have faith so as to move mountains and knowledge to understand the tongue of angels, but if we do not have love it is for naught.  And this bears out in the end, when both the Jones are saved and those who did not pass the test (and would not have reached the grail had Indy not helped) both perish for their lack of the Fear of God, Knowledge of God, and Love of God.



Joshua Fahey is a Chestertonian who has been saved by the blood of Christ.


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