The Classiest Super Bowl

by Joe Jeffery                                                                                                                                   Tuesday, February 4

This year’s Super Bowl defied my expectations. I woke up on Sunday and began making preparations with my wife for some of our friends to come over and watch the Super Bowl. I thought Peyton Manning would solidify his title as the “best quarterback in NFL history” and tie his brother with two Super Bowl victories each. Obviously this did not happen as the Seattle Seahawks displayed their dominance over the Broncos in an impressive victory.

This was not what I was most surprised by however. I was expecting to spend time with my friends, have good conversation, watch the game, and endure vulgar and sleazy commercials. In the past decade the Super Bowl commercials have been entertaining and over the top, but some of them have also exploited women to sell products in ways never seen before.

This was one the classiest Super Bowl I can remember.

I was most surprised that the people who showed the most skin this year were the Red Hot Chili Peppers during the half time performance. Speaking of the half time, this year’s production included actual music. I was incredibly impressed and surprised by Bruno Mars and his band. Their sound and dance moves were an impressive throwback to Motown music. This was not an overproduced, mechanical lip-syncing, but rather a truly digestible musical performance. I am not a huge fan of Bruno Mars, but I have a new found respect for him as a musician instead of someone willing to exploit their body for millions.

There maybe one or two commercials that were awkward (John Stamos and Scarlett Johansson), but I was pleasantly surprised at how the commercials were lacking the “sex sells” mentality this year. Hopefully marketing execs have realized that many are sick of the objectification of women. We are sick of seeing cleavage next to a product. We are sick of seeing the dignity of humans being violated on such a large scale.

Russell Wilson

Lastly, I was truly surprised by the humility displayed by the Seahawks after they won. Russell Wilson, the winning quarterback with only two years of experience in the NFL, was articulate and humble in his post-game interview. First he gave God the credit for the gifts he had been given. Then he quoted his father, when he told him, “Russell, why can’t it be you?” This quote immediately made me think of John Paul II. He often said that the youth want to do something great with their lives. No one strives for mediocrity.  As the Pope, John Paul II always asked the Church, in particular the youth, “why not you.”

So why can’t it be you? As humans we are all called to something great. It is easy to fall into a mentality that we should be average and leave greatness to others. We should not help the poor and let others handle it. We should let those around us struggle with their problems, they do not need our help. There is so much work to do to make our world a better and more fair place.

So why not you?

Joe Jeffery is the Campus Minster at Holy Family Regional School in Rochester Michigan, a guitar player, and enjoys spending time with his wife. He has a BA in Theology, History, and Political Science, with a minor in Catholic Studies from Aquinas College.


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