Just Be

The Baptist reminds the Pharisees that God could raise sons of Abraham from the stones, yet God chose to be born of a virgin. He could have come as an adult, but He came as a child. The apostles tried to stop children from seeing Him, yet He responded by saying that they should let the little children come to Him, that unless we become like children we will never enter the Kingdom. We like to think that as adults we are better than when we were younger, but children are far more important than us. We like to congratulate ourselves on surviving puberty, on climbing mountains, on this accomplishment, or that award. But little children can slay dragons just by being. Just by being. We have to work at just being; we have to relearn it. It is difficult especially in our noisy times. We have to justify smelling the roses, and then we Instagram it as if Facebook and Twitter were our life’s blood. We rarely take the time to just be, to kneel in front of the God who became a child. So for Christmas take a moment, don’t just turn off your phone (but still do that), turn off yourself and kneel in front of a creche, and just be.

Seriously go. Now!

Quick go before He leaves!

Joshua Fahey is a Chestertonian who knows that if you’re reading this you should be taking the above advice. 


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