Lies, Witchcraft, and Political Correctness

Truth is revealing

Alright I’m going to hammer a nail, which I pounded last time. So you don’t ever get fooled by what Political Correctness is. We all know that when you speak the truth it is a reflection of reality, and as Christians we believe that God is Truth, so our speech so be a reflection of God.This is the heinous part of a lie, this is the tragedy of a lie, that it denies Christ. Christianity is completely incompatible with lying. We need to seek the Truth, and we need to speak Truth, so that when we reveal the Good News it may be believed. In the same way that the professor explained to Peter about Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when asked if Lucy was a liar. Truth reveals reality, lies reveal nothing.

Of course, words can also be used to persuade, to change things. If it is an attempt to change what may be changed (like what’s for dinner) or what should be changed (for instance, to stop human trafficking) then our words once again perform as an extension of Truth. They reveal reality. If, on the other hand, we use words to try to change things that can’t (using slurs to degrade human dignity) or shouldn’t be changed (making murder legal) then our no longer reveal reality. Instead they reveal ourselves, our inner bigotry and prejudice, our rebellion against God, the lies we want to be true. I’ve already mentioned slurs, words that point to a meaning that the other is evil, wrong, that God made a mistake, that animals are more deserving of respect, of love. This is an attempt to change reality by saying things that do not reflect reality, this attempt is akin to trying to punch a man by stomping on his reflection, or killing a man by sticking a pin in a voodoo doll. It is witchcraft.

"The witch no. 1" lithograph

The question is, Who are the witches?

If we use signposts as an analogy for words, the truth are the signposts that will get you to the City. Lies are the signposts that will lead away from the City. Witchcraft tries to change the way to the City by changing the signposts. Political Correctness removes signposts, and changes others in an attempt to start a new city. The rebellion of Lucifer. Like witchcraft, PC tries to change reality by using words, and it believes that if certain words are never spoken their meanings can be weeded out of reality. It is the ultimate puritanical, controlling, despotic, idiocy. This modern witchcraft is  anti-Truth because it believes that Truth is malleable, and molded by, of all things, words. They mistake the reflection and the voodoo doll for the person. They will say what they want, to get what they want, and if anyone opposes them, they will move the signposts.

Joshua Fahey is a Chestertonian and programmer, is still alive, and oddly still Catholic. Or is it still oddly Catholic? Either works.


2 thoughts on “Lies, Witchcraft, and Political Correctness

  1. I’m getting a bit muddled here… Basically you’re defining Political Correctness as any use of language that you don’t agree with?

    • I didn’t define Political Correctness, which may explain some confusion. PC is an attempt to remove oppression from language in order to remove oppression in reality. At the heart of it is the assumption that there is an oppression (debatable depending on the context), but what I am trying to argue is that the methods of PC are inherently wrong. If we assume an oppression, then changing words around doesn’t change the meanings behind them. To even believe that, is akin to believing in witchcraft, which uses symbols to affect reality. And both are offenses against Truth, because they are using tools for the purposes of revelation to the ends of action. That is, they try to change the world with words instead of changing the world.

      I hope that clears things up.

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