Take Up Your Cross Daily

In the way of creativity and of living, there are many ‘crosses’ that can be borne. Joyfully, regretfully, resentfully, half-heartedly, always painfully. In that as Christians, baptized, we reflect our brother Jesus Christ. For the difference between a cross and the justice do to a child of Adam is the purpose for which the burden is carried. A cross is carried for family, a burden carried for Justice.

Any cross, whether it be chronic pain or a silent muse, is an obstacle to us. So it is right to ask God for it be lifted away. St Paul asked several times for a thorn in his flesh to be removed. But also in keeping with the paradoxical nature of ourselves and our religion, we offer it up to God. We offer it as Christ did in the garden, when He asked for the cup to pass away from Him, but not our will but God’s be done. To offer it in prayer for our family, the Church, and then to let it be as God wills it to be.

And then God may open our eyes to another’s cross as the Cyrenian was made aware of Christ’s. And then drawing from our experience of our cross, from our meditations on Christ’s, we can help another. Not out of pity, not out of duty, but out of a deep and abiding love. An intimacy that draws non-believers to us, especially when we connect that way to those in need of conversion. And as God converts them through us, God converts us through them.


Joshua Fahey is a Chestertonian whose muse was silent this week. So in his great wisdom (read: foolishness) wrote from what he knew.


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